What’s the Difference Between Synthetic and Human Hair Toppers?

It can be difficult to choose an appropriate hair topper when you are making the first purchase. Understanding the difference between synthetic and human hair toppers is a great place to begin.

Synthetic Hair Toppers:


  • A top-quality synthetic topper can be difficult to distinguish from a genuine human hair topper.
  • Synthetic toppers are simple to maintain. Since synthetic toppers possess something known as “style retention,” they don’t require any styling. Wash them dry, shake them out, and the toppers will be restored to their original form.
  • Synthetic toppers are quite affordable in comparison to human hair toppers.
  • They won’t react to the weather. Synthetic hair is equipped with Style Memory to keep its style no matter the weather.
  • Synthetic toppers require minimal maintenance. It is essential to consider if you’re suffering from medical issues and require an easy-to-maintain topper.


  • Recolouring is not advised for synthetic toppers, and traditional hair colours can damage the hair’s fibres.
  • Synthetic hair toppers can be unnaturally shiny in comparison with human hair.
  • Synthetic toppers don’t last longer than human hair-based toppers. They generally last between about 4-6 months, with daily wear.
  • Skilled stylists can style the synthetic toppers according to your preferences; however, they can’t be styled with heat.

Human Hair Toppers:


  • Toppers for human hair can be styled straight to curly and back using heating styling tools.
  • Human hair toppers are available in various textures like curly, wavy, straight or curly hair toppers.
  • Human hair toppers last better than artificial toppers. If treated properly, they could last about two years with daily wear.
  • Human hair extensions appear and feel very natural.
  • Hair toppers of human hair can be dyed in a darker shade (never bleached, unless at the hue of Natural Black), but we suggest using a professional stylist for dyeing your hair toppers.


  • The material is made of real human hair, which is very difficult to come by. Due to this, it’s more expensive than synthetic fibre.
  • Human hair colour is susceptible to fading when it is exposed regularly to the sun’s harsh rays or is frequently washed.
  • It is challenging to colour human hair similarly because hair is sourced from multiple individuals.
  • Human hair toppers require greater care than artificial hair toppers. They must be cleaned, conditioned and styled more regularly.
  • Human hair takes more effort and expertise to cut and style.

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