Law and Order SVU – Carisi and Rollins

As fans of law and order SVU, we are all looking forward to the upcoming sex scene between Carisi and Rollins. These two characters have a deep chemistry that will no doubt make fans root for them to get together. This is the perfect time to learn more about the upcoming love affair. Let’s look at their past and current careers to get a better understanding of how the two met in the first place

Carisi and Rollins met in Season 16 as partners and became friends after working together. Although Carisi had feelings for Rollins, she couldn’t fully admit it due to family drama. However, her feelings for Rollins developed over time and they kissed in the season 22 finale. However, their friendship grew in strength after their relationship began to develop in real life. The couple began dating in Season 23 lasenorita.

Their romance has been teasing fans for years. In February, the couple kissed for the first time on the show. The two have been teased with each other for years, but the final biographyer scenes of their relationship were a big surprise to fans. The love storylines between the two characters lasted for more than eight years. If these two are indeed dating, fans will be happy to hear that they’re back together.

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