How to Unblock Zee5 in India

ZEE5 is an over-the-top streaming video service for Indian audiences. It is a subscription service run by Zee Entertainment Enterprises, which launched the service on 14 February 2018. The service offers content in 12 languages, and can be viewed on the web, on Android or iOS mobile devices, or on Smart TVs. You can subscribe for the service for as little as Rs. 15 per month and use it to enjoy the latest shows and movies.

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To subscribe for the subscription to ZEE5, you will need 350 Flipkart Supercoins. This will get you a one-year subscription to Zee5 valued at Rs. 999. Once you have accumulated 350 Supercoins, head to the Zee5 subscription page. You can find the subscription offer under the View all tab and click on Claim Now. From there, you can copy the Zee5 login code and proceed to the payment page powerful idea.

The subscription to ZEE5 is free for Indian residents, and it supports 190 countries. Using a VPN to unblock ZEE5 in India should be easy. However, you should make sure that the VPN has geo-restriction protection. Otherwise, ZEE5 may block access to some of its content. While this is not illegal, it is unwise and may expose you to malware. While this is an issue for other streaming services, ZEE5 is a good choice for Indians who want to watch TV shows and movies online.

To use ZEE5, you must have a Device and an Internet connection. If you fail to upgrade your Device, you will lose the right to use ZEE5 in that country. Moreover, if you transfer the copy to someone else, you must remove the license before using the ZEE5 app on that device. You must also make sure that you are able to download the latest version of Zee5 on your device. If you fail to update, you will be charged again. sccbuzz

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