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The purpose of this collection is to assist educators and students with their decision-making about distance learning. The collection of distance learning articles is divided into eight sections, including fundamental concepts, development methodologies, tools and technologies, utilisation, and social and managerial implications. The preface attempts to provide an overview of the collection and provides an introductory chapter highlighting contemporary research in distance learning. These articles are helpful to educators and researchers who want to learn more about the field of distance education.

The articles date from 2004-2006, and many of them are reprints. However, they are not new. Many of them were written in 2000 or earlier, but references are not provided. Some of them were derived from encyclopedias and journals. The dates of a few articles may be indicative of their origin. The most recent article, however, reflects the most recent changes in the field. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that the articles in this series are not necessarily recent.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of distance learning. In addition to making it possible to interact with fellow students and instructors, it is crucial to share information and ideas with each other. In this way, students can clarify questions and foster positive relationships. Unlike in a traditional classroom, students will have the opportunity to communicate with instructors via email or online forums, where they can ask questions and seek clarifications. Regardless of whether the distance learning courses are primarily online or on campus, there is a wide range of benefits for participants.

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