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Best Banks in Portland Oregon

If you want to open an account in Portland, Oregon, you should consider Umpqua Bank. It has more than 100 branches in the state, but not as many as U.S. Bank. Umpqua also has a large network of ATMs throughout Washington, Idaho, California, and Nevada. Although the bank’s size may make it difficult to find an account with a low balance, it offers the best rates.

Trailhead Credit Union is unique among banks in Portland, Oregon, thanks to its funky attitude and Trailhead Chatbot, which accepts questions via Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Because of its small size, this credit union also has a different membership eligibility range than most of the Portland banks. Its unique personality and smaller membership eligibility range make it a top choice for many. However, you may be wondering about its fee structure.

The U.S. Bank has 110 branches in the Portland area and thousands in 27 states. U.S. Bank has a diverse selection of accounts. Although they don’t offer high deposit account interest rates, you can still choose a savings account that will earn the lowest possible interest rate. There are also several types of certificate of deposit accounts, including Special CDs and a certificate of deposit account. Of these, Special CDs are among the best

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